The Spirit of high jewellery

& creativity

A highly skilled team of jewellers and gem-setters work with the vision of creating stunning masterpieces.

Our collections are created with the spirit of celebration that connects with the customer’s true being.

Precious jewellery is so much more than just an accessory. It is a part of the family heirloom, tied in tradition and other deeply significant events of a person’s life.

Harakh Mehta

Spiritually significant

Keeping in line with the philosophy of our founder, we look well beyond the aesthetics of the product. We try to see the soul of the design along with the processes involved in it. We connect it to deeper levels and search for meaningful connection that promotes wellbeing. Our luxury range aims to spread the feeling of joy – and create that as a part of your being.

Our provenance

We take pride by invoking the legacy of century old techniques and restyling them for the 21st century. Our artisans spend months (and sometimes far more) to get the most accurate execution and finishing.