HARAKH in our native language means ‘joy’ – and this has been the guiding principle in all our creations, whether it is high jewelry, luxury timepieces or haute couture handbags.

Each piece of HARAKH jewelry is meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards, in platinum or 18k gold and set with D,E, F Color and VS, VVS or IF (internally flawless) clarity diamonds. We go far beyond the 4 C’s when it comes to selection of diamonds – we look at the material of rough, to ensure it has excellent lustre and brilliance.

OUR Heritage

Simple craftsmanship passed down through generations’ remains integral and cannot be replaced by machines. We treasure age-old traditions and blend them with modern processes to create unique pieces. Our artisans spend months (and sometimes far more) to get the most accurate execution and finishing.

Design and artistry

At Harakh, our motto is simple – to create designs that communicate across the five senses and of-course the mind. Unless the design speaks to us, makes us feel something unique, it will never become a Harakh design. Discerning collectors tell us of their thrill and excitement is acquiring HARAKH heirloom jewelry and luxury products to be celebrated and cherished for their future generation