The delight of experiencing the sights and sounds of the waterfalls gushing down the mountains is captured in the Cascade Collection.

Inspired by the beauty and energy of the naturally flowing waterfall, the fluidity of a naturally flowing cascade is captured in our jewelry accentuated with rose cut diamonds.

Harakh Mehta reminisces, “Growing up in Bombay, it was an annual ritual for our family to drive to our home in the hills during the monsoon season. This was before the age of super-highways, so we took the long and winding roads up the hills. Often, we took breaks, to take in the picturesque views of nature, lush greenery, misty skies, pouring rains and of-course bathe in the flowing cascades, I can still vividly remember the shot of JOY bathing in these waterfalls, before we set off again on our journey.

I wanted to capture that emotion and share this beautiful memory of a gushing cascade while we created this collection."

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Cascade bangle

Absolutely mesmerizing bangle bracelet set in diamond pave with round and pear rose cut diamonds in claw prong setting – connected flawlessly with thin knife edge connectors.
Code number - EBBD300000204

Cascade Earrings

Exclusive and eye catching – beautifully rose cut diamonds set with claw prong setting, along with flexible thin knife edge connectors accentuates the beauty of these dangling earrings.
Code number - HEDE000004

Cascade Ring

Captivating ring studded with rose cut pear shaped diamonds and brilliant round diamonds to create a cascade like effect.
Code number - HRFR000002

Cascade Designer Ring

Enchanting ring studded with rose cut pear shaped diamonds and brilliant round diamonds, which form a cascade like effect.
Code number - HRFR000015