The Spirit of high jewellery


This collection shines.The powerful and resplendent rays of the sun fill our life with brightness and warmth.

Light up your own path as you voyage through the journey of Life.

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There's something magical about falling raindrops - the sound, the serenity. With this raindrop collection we invite you to connect with yourself while being showered by these divine blessings.

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The peacock is a manifestation of the power of integrity and honesty, and the beauty we can achieve from within when we show our true colours.

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The sight of a vibrant cascade of water constantly gushing down from a height can be an exhilarating experience. It is sure to invoke a sense of rejuvenation and renewal of spirit.

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All Indian dance forms have spiritual beginnings and it is believed that the inner consciousness that directs the movements. Each beat, each rhythm, the sound of each ghungroo denotes something more than just song and dance.

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Frangipani evokes the feeling of pure bliss and peacefulness. It inspires us to withstand tough challenges and bloom and spread sweetness under all circumstances. Our collection aims to reflect the outstanding symmetry of this beautiful flower.

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