Growing up in India, in a traditional Jain Palanpuri community, spirituality and sustainability is a part of Mr. Harakh Mehta’s very DNA and this is what he brings in to brand HARAKH.

A lifelong vegetarian, not just in food habits, but also eschewing products like leather and silk, he travels the globe in search of unique and fresh ideas in multiple aspects of life, always looking to push the envelope in accordance to the beliefs of respecting life and nature. This sustainable approach is taken forward in all that he does and goes beyond compassion to animals. Mr. Harakh goes to a point of not using fresh flowers and avoiding root vegetables.

While adhering to a mindful and spiritual lifestyle has always been a way of life. As a brand, we strongly believe that small efforts go a long way. We have taken steps at our factory and offices to follow a sustainable approach.

We were the very first factory in India certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council’s stringent 2013 Code of Practices and since then have taken it upon ourselves to reduce waste, recycle more and replenish natural resources wherever possible.