The Haveli collection pays tribute to the beauty and splendor of the architectural marvels of a bygone era. The soft and unique curves of the designs beautifully reflect the arches of the monument.

Inspired by the magnificence of the royal palaces of yesteryears, this collection depicts the grand architectural marvels of India. The iconic arches are captured in this collection accented with rose cut diamonds.

Harakh Mehta shares his initial memories of holidays spent in native towns of Gujarat and Rajasthan, where his ancestors lived for centuries before ceding to rural migration in the early 20th century, “Every Haveli was filled with fascinating tales. I recall being struck by a visit to a surviving ancestral home in the town of Palanpur where multiple generations had lived under one roof for nearly a century. The JOY of discovering the social and historical significance of these homes, which I had such a personal connection with stayed with me long after the visits were over”

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Haveli Ring

GIA certified centre diamond, a cluster of rounds and pear shaped diamonds surrounded by custom cut baguettes recreating the experience of the Indian Haveli (Royal abode).
Code number - ERBD400000209

Haveli Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

This versatile ring from our Haveli collection is studded with Round Natural Pink diamonds and 1 central pear shape rose cut diamond, totaling to 1.15 carats and is set in 18-karat rose gold.
Code number - HRFR000017

Haveli Pink Diamond Necklace

Inspired by the Glamorous Indian Haveli features two detachable Haveli shaped layers with dangling drops. This can be worn in multiple ways - either as a single layer, double layer or triple layer necklace.
Code number - HNFN000008

Haveli Classic Bracelet

A centre cluster of rounds and pear shaped diamonds is enclosed in Haveli outer shape motif with pave setting and same motif going around the wrist in pave set diamonds. The bracelet is crafted in 18 KT and the total diamond weight is 11.50 carats.
Code number - HBFB000008

Haveli Earrings

These Haveli dangling earrings are designed in 18-karat white gold. Each piece from the Haveli Collection is inspired by the magnificence of the architectural marvels of yesteryear.
Code number - HEDE000024