Harakh Mehta is a fourth generation diamantaire, coming from a long ancestral line of diamond jewelers and merchants. He is a passionate jeweler, deeply rooted to his culture and inspired by his ancestral background from the land of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

We take pride in combining ancient techniques handed over generations by word of mouth and the very latest in modern technology to create truly distinctive designs, expertly crafted for the discerning 21st century global citizens.

The very name - HARAKH in our native language means 'joy' – and this has been the guiding principle in all our creations whether high jewellery or other luxury goods.

Harakh currently resides in Mumbai with his parents, wife and children. He is an avid traveler and practices yoga and meditation.

History And Heritage


It all started with Mr. Manilal Chandulal Mehta (Harakh Mehta’s great grandfather) decided to give a professional direction to his passion for diamonds – he was one of the first Indians to travel to Antwerp to set up a diamond office in Antwerp. He used to purchase loose stones and then supply it to the royal and noble families of South India.


Mr. Rasiklal Manilal Mehta – Continuing the tradition set by his father, Rasiklal set up agencies for the import of tools and machinery and started a small workshop and polishing diamond unit in Pondicherry.


After completing his engineering degree and with a keen eye and interest in diamonds, it was a natural progression for Mr. Samir Mehta to expand to diamond trading and operation. He is enamored by the energy of Bombay (now Mumbai) and looking at the booming diamond market, decides to settle and start his business.


Mrs. Nayna Mehta, Mr. Samir’s wife lays the foundation for what will become the family’s first foray into jewelry designing. She starts a small workshop and quickly becomes a known name in the elite circle.


Full scale jewelry manufacturing unit is set up


The manufacturing unit becomes the first Indian jewellery manufacturer to be certified against the Responsible Jewellery Council’s stringent 2013 Code of Practices


With a desire to pay and ode to the abundance and beauty of India, Mr. Harakh Mehta establishes the High jewelry division – that goes a notch above the standards of high jewelry, features only the best quality of diamonds


Named as the official jeweler for le Bal, Paris


Winner in the fine jewelry category at the annual Rising Star Awards held in New York City