Raindrop Collection

Raindrop Earrings

Flowing as charmingly like raindrops, these dangling earrings are set with glittering bezel set round cut diamonds, tapered baguette, round and pear cut claw set diamonds.
Code number - EEBD400000205

Raindrop Band

This elegant ring exhibits radiance with expertly brilliantly set round and pear shaped sparkling diamonds.
Code number - ERBD100000222

Raindrop Ring

A striking display of round brilliant cut diamonds and pear cut claw set diamonds with diamond pave in the shank.
Code number ERBD100000221

Raindrop cuff

Adorn this beautiful cuff that is expertly crafted with an extraordinary design and set with round cut diamonds, tapered baguettes and pear cut diamonds in claw and bezel setting.
Code number - EBBD400000205

Raindrop designer ring

Beautifully designed and crafted in rich white gold embodying brilliant radiance. Set with a central drop cut diamond, surrounded by drop, baguette and round cut diamonds, diamond pave on the shank.
Code number - ERBD400000205

Raindrop Necklace

A magnificent necklace studded with brilliant round, custom cut baguettes and pear shaped diamonds crafted exquisitely in platinum.
Code number: 32480