We aim to capture the brilliance and radiance of the journey of the sun. The Sunlight collection is a reflection of the hues of sun emitting its brilliant rays.

While talking about this collection, Harakh Mehta says, “While growing up in Western India, I was surrounded by plenty of sunlight; maybe too much of it for me to realize its true value. While completing my higher education from the US, I had to relocate to upstate NY during my teens. I vividly remember the first semester, freshman Year, we had literally 8 and half minutes of sunshine for over 12 weeks! It was then I realized what a gift it was to have been living in a country, which was sunny 365 days a year.! Now, my daily JOY mantra is to bask in the divine rays of the rising sun!”

The sunlight collection aims to capture that magical feeling of warmth that lights up a new day.

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Sunlight ring

A gorgeous 2 ct center stone surrounded with brilliant round and custom cut baguette diamonds in yellow gold granulation and usage of a unique ‘pota’ technique accentuates the beauty.
Code number - ERBD400000206

Sunlight Necklace

Intricately hand crafted in rich 18 ct yellow gold using the ancient Indian ‘Pota’ granulation technique. This exquisite pendant is hung on a double strand necklace interspersed with bezel set stations of full cut diamonds.
Code number - EPBD400000206

Sunlight twist earring

The magical allure of the sun rays comes alive in these earrings set with round and custom cut calibrated baguette cut diamonds – set in claw and bezel setting, with the usage of unique ancient Indian pota technique.
Code number - HEFE000006

Sunlight Long Earring

Dangling earring featuring brilliant round and custom cut baguettes. Usage of unique pota technique adds to the beauty of the piece set in rich yellow gold
Code number - HEDE000019


Ring set with round cut diamonds in bezel setting with yellow gold granulation
Code Number: HRFR000003

Sunlight Baguette Ring

Ring set with baguettes in yellow gold granulation. The unique pota technique enhances the look of this elegant ring
Code Number: HRFR000004